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365 Project – The Peace – Fell off the Wagon

Ooops. Missed a few days. Apparently I thought (subconsciously) that I needed to use my DSLR every day. I did take some pics with my phone, so we’ll call these Day 7 & 8.

Not far from my house a big truck lost it’s load of hay bales on a somewhat slick bend and the hay sat in the ditch for three days.

Today, the remaining hay, which was moved to the other side of the road by the snowblower, became dinner for the neighbours.

Day 7 & 8 complete!


365 Project – The Peace – Day 6

Warmed up a bit today . . . it’s only -16C . . . so I ventured outside. With the recent snow, the yard is a beautiful expanse of smooth whiteness, and as I was hesitant to mar it by wading through it to something exciting like a tree, I took this picture from the edge of the driveway.

day 6

Used a different lens today too, the 50mm macro . . . which I managed to dip in the snow! I just wanted to get a wee bit closer!

Day 6, complete.


365 Project – The Peace – Day 5

So, I did take this photo yesterday, but didn’t get to the computer to post it. Story behind this photo is that our son started his first day of work experience for his course. And they gave him a hat when he got out to the worksite. This is the beginning of his work hat collection – his dad has tons.

day 5

Day 5, complete.


365 Project – Day 4

Today is a bonus day . . . 2 photos . . . since you’ve been waiting all day to see if I’d stick with it! Took these pictures at noon, but haven’t been on the computer.

Our family sidekicks . . . the Blue Heelers. Enjoying the warmth of the house since at -22C (-30C with the windchill) it’s far too cold for them to be outside.

Day 4, complete.


365 Project – The Peace – Day 3

So cold out today . . . -22C, but feels like -30C . . . bit chilly to go out and take photos, especially since it’s the first time this winter that it’s actually been this cold. Must be January.

However, I did manage to capture a small piece of the Peace region today as the sun was just about to disappear for the day.

day 3Day 3, complete!

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