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Squirrels are judgemental

Pentax K5ii 100mm f/2.8 1/250 ISO 200

There I was, out in the backyard, minding my own business and taking photos of the plethora of wildflowers along the bush line, when I hear a very loud chittering. Angry chittering, if you will. So, after looking around, and up, for a few minutes I finally spy this little bugger. Clearly not minding his own business.

So I shot him. LOL With the camera, of course. This is not the same squirrel as previously posted – she’s smaller and not as aggro as this one. Even when I walked away, this guy kept yelling at me all the way back to the house. Which is some 200 metres from his tree.

Despite his agressiveness and opinions on my photographic techniques, he is pretty cute though.

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CFFC: Orange . . . Begonias & Bees

I took this photo a week ago – at the height of our wicked heat wave . . . Saw this bee trying to take a nap in the slight shade provided by my begonias, and I couldn’t resist – despite the fact that the bright orange (see what I did there?!) sun was beating down, causing the temperature in the shade to be 35+C. I think that’s almost 100F for you Americans.

This is my entry this week to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – this is the most orange photo I’ve ever taken!

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Baby Groundhog ~ Wildlife Wednesday

Pentax K5ii 100mm f2.8 1/8000 ISO 400

The groundhogs did have babies this year . . . not sure how many, so far we’ve only managed to count 3 – they usually have 5. But this little guy is SO curious.

Hubby saw the babies out playing, under the supervision of Mama Groundhog, and got our dogs to lie down so as not to scare them. This guy came up to one of our dogs and touched noses. Unfortunately, I was running for my camera at that point, so I missed it. Would’ve made a fabulous photo!! But I still managed to get quite close to get this photo.

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Wildlife Wednesday

Karen came to the house today . . . apparently the bird feeder – or squirrel feeder since the birds aren’t really interested at the moment – is empty. She actually climbed up into my hanging planters, briefly. Perhaps she thinks hanging things contain food? But she’s going to have to wait until it stops raining. Then I’ll fill up the feeder.

This is also my entry for this week in Cee’s CFFC: Nature Animals – Thanks for visiting!!

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Beyond the Flowers . . .

I’d like to speak to the manager, please. I swear that’s what this little guy/gal is saying every time I go out to my greenhouse. Every day, she feels the need to chastize me vigourously. At full volume. However, she seems to have no objection to me stalking her journey through the trees to take her picture, for 30 minutes.

Much like this guy below, who I have named Gordo. Every morning and evening, he drags his fat little self out of his home – or maybe his wife sends him out – to munch on the grass 6 feet from our house. The dogs think he’s a great thing to chase, but unfortunately when he’s that close to the house, the nearest protection is my husband’s pickup. It’s not at all cool to have a groundhog hiding in your pickup, running back and forth on the drivetrain where you can’t get him. We end up chasing him back to his house, brandishing ski-poles – he’s a little vicious and will turn around and fight sometimes.

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