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Wildlife Wednesday

Karen came to the house today . . . apparently the bird feeder – or squirrel feeder since the birds aren’t really interested at the moment – is empty. She actually climbed up into my hanging planters, briefly. Perhaps she thinks hanging things contain food? But she’s going to have to wait until it stops raining. Then I’ll fill up the feeder.

This is also my entry for this week in Cee’s CFFC: Nature Animals – Thanks for visiting!!

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Beyond the Flowers . . .

I’d like to speak to the manager, please. I swear that’s what this little guy/gal is saying every time I go out to my greenhouse. Every day, she feels the need to chastize me vigourously. At full volume. However, she seems to have no objection to me stalking her journey through the trees to take her picture, for 30 minutes.

Much like this guy below, who I have named Gordo. Every morning and evening, he drags his fat little self out of his home – or maybe his wife sends him out – to munch on the grass 6 feet from our house. The dogs think he’s a great thing to chase, but unfortunately when he’s that close to the house, the nearest protection is my husband’s pickup. It’s not at all cool to have a groundhog hiding in your pickup, running back and forth on the drivetrain where you can’t get him. We end up chasing him back to his house, brandishing ski-poles – he’s a little vicious and will turn around and fight sometimes.

Just a couple of things in my world, beyond the flowers. Thanks for visiting!! Have a great week!

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White-faced Heron – Bird Weekly Photochallenge – Birds Perched Up

Had to dig deep into my archives for this one . . . but when I saw the Our Eyes Open Bird Weekly Photo Challenge was birds perched up on things, I had to go find this.

Taken at Willowbank Wildlife Preserve in Christchurch, NZ in 2012 – I love this bird – he stared at me so distainfully the whole time I was taking pictures, clearly, he was not at all interested in doing anything other than chilling on his post. I think I managed to capture his expression of disgust quite well.

So, this is my entry in the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – thanks for visiting!

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Indian Summer in the Peace

I went out for a walk yesterday – looking for chickadees to photograph. I walked for an hour around the farm and eventually found the chickadees, 400m from my house! But in the meantime, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of home. Even if I hadn’t taken any pictures, it would’ve been fine, it was such a beautiful day. It was 22C, whereas a year ago, there was snow on the ground.

There were a few things worth photographing – which should appear here sometime in the future – I’m quite pleased with how some turned out. But I’m also pleased with how one of my rare dips into landscape photography turned out. I hope you are too.


Long time, no blogging

A very long time it has been . . . like over a year. Sorry, just been busy. Had a part-time job that ended up being practically full-time, and it was a wet summer, so no gardening, no photos, nothing. Once I quit the job, the pandemic was upon us. So we stayed home. BUT, I did get out in our backyard . . . to feed the mosquitoes and got these photos:


I’ve never really done sunset pictures before . . . so I learned a lot from this experiment whilst being a mosquito smorgasbord . . . the first thing was that I went out WAY too early! An hour before sunset was not really necessary, although I did get some interesting cloud pictures. Half an hour before sunset was when things started to get interesting.


This one was taken about 30 minutes before sunset – in all I took 146 photos in an hour! I also made use of the live function on my camera – which was handy because I stopped getting sunspots from looking through the viewfinder at the sun all the time.

In addition to sunsets, there’s been a whole of Graduation and Prom photos filling up my SD cards. It’s that time of year, and our second child is finishing high school this year. Not the Grad we expected, for sure, but the high school has done a fabulous job of putting together an event for the kids. Maybe some of those photos next time.