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Postively Perfect

For all those needing a little extra positivity in life, here’s a postively beautiful sunflower – not a traditional one, but then, these are not traditional or normal times. Hope this makes you smile! Thanks for visiting.

“We must try not to sink beneath our anguish . . . but battle on.” – Albus Dumbledore

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Solo Sunflower ~ FOTD

Our youngest daughter wanted to get in on the act – with a bouquet of flowers from Hill Far Away Flower Farm in her room. I wasn’t supposed to touch them, or take the bouquet apart to photograph the flowers . . . but as you can see, I couldn’t help myself. And, when she saw the results, the kid didn’t mind!

Phew!! Bullet dodged. No teenage angst over my invading her room and taking her “stuff”. Of course, it helped that she didn’t know I’d done this until 5 days later!

Anyhow, this is my entry for Cee’s Flower of the Day. Thanks for visiting!! Oh, and if you’re in Canada – GET OUT AND VOTE today!! If you haven’t already.

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Still Life Sunflowers

I cannot get enough of these sunflowers!! I’ve gone back to them several times . . . over 200 pictures of them now, because I love them so much!! Of course, there’s not 200 keepers, but they’re still gorgeous flowers.

Last weekend I got some Gladiolas from the Farmer’s Market . . . grown by Hill Far Away Flower Farm. They have the best flowers, but unfortunately since it’s getting into fall, I think they’re going to be done soon. So, there will be Glad photos coming, along with whatever I can get at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.

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Flowers for Freedom, Part II

The injection certificate kicks in today . . . supposedly. Although right now, it’s just a press release still, no actual “order” in writing, so I have no idea how they think they can enforce it . . . but, in the meantime, my Flowers for Freedom are still going. Alive and well 12 days after I got them.

Okay, they’re a bit droopy and some have expired, but I shot this sunflower yesterday, so there’s a few still going.

Thanks for visiting – peace and harmony to all and I do hope you enjoy the little bit of beauty my flower photos inject into the internet.

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Flowers for Freedom

Got these from my friend’s store the other day . . . a beautiful bouquet of locally grown flowers. With this beautiful message. We need love and light and the beauty of flowers in this world. This was prompted by the divide being caused by various governments, and in particular, own our provincial government which has introduced a injection passport system, starting September 13 – without it, you can’t go to a restaurant or a gym, for example. They say we have the right to choose what we put into our bodies, but if one doesn’t comply, you don’t get to participate in many community activities. Whether people want to take the injection or not, that is their business. But dividing the country, the province and the people within them over a personal medical decision, imposing medical apartheid, segregation and discrimination is not on.

These ‘Flowers for Freedom’ are for EVERYONE. They are for freedom from fear, freedom from judgement and freedom from labels. They are for freedom of choice and freedom to be heard. These flowers are for freedom from ego and the freedom to forgive. For freedom from the hate and for the freedom to love and the freedom to be kind in spite of it all. Most importantly though, they are for freedom from this divide.” ~ Crooked House Flower Co.