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Indian Summer in the Peace

I went out for a walk yesterday – looking for chickadees to photograph. I walked for an hour around the farm and eventually found the chickadees, 400m from my house! But in the meantime, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of home. Even if I hadn’t taken any pictures, it would’ve been fine, it was such a beautiful day. It was 22C, whereas a year ago, there was snow on the ground.

There were a few things worth photographing – which should appear here sometime in the future – I’m quite pleased with how some turned out. But I’m also pleased with how one of my rare dips into landscape photography turned out. I hope you are too.

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Back to the Beach

Pier at New Brighton, Christchurch NZ

When I went back and looked at my old negatives the other week, I ended up perusing through a whole bunch of past photos, and came across some absolute gems from our trip to New Zealand in 2012.

Because I was using my K100D at the time, which did not allow me to use a very big SD card – I seriously think it was a 1G or 2G card I was using (so primitive!) – I ended up shooting jpegs the whole 3 weeks instead of my usual RAW. So, other than a little bit of basic editing (and B&Wing), these are pretty much straight out of camera.


Some more experiments in the Sky

Earlier this week, I thought it might be fun to try some more experiments with the sky and try some moonshots. In the past, my moon photos have sucked, big time. I’d get a tiny little properly lit moon, that would barely look like a moon, or a closer up one that was so over-exposed . . . especially those I did with my phone . . . and I always seemed to try in it the winter, when all I really wanted to do was snap of a quick shot and get back inside.

Apparently, that’s where my problem lay.

So the other day, the sky was clear, the moon was in the First Quarter, it was bright and really, really low in my backyard at 11 p.m. And that night, the mosquitoes were at someone else’s house.

I grabbed my tripod, second longest lens and popped out on the deck. I tried a whole variety of settings, after making sure I had a low ISO like I did for the sunset pictures and voila! Three half-decent moon photos.


Still not the best photo – darn tree was in the way. However, I’m pretty pleased with it.

It would be fabulous to get some pictures of the Full Moon on Saturday – maybe brave the mosquitoes and the coyotes and venture out into the yard beyond the trees – however, July 4th is supposed to be day 5 of this wonderful 2019-esque period of rain we’re having, so I doubt I’ll be able to see anything.

But then, maybe it’ll just be cloudy, so armed with my longest lens and bug spray, I’ll find something interesting in the sky to experiment with.


Long time, no blogging

A very long time it has been . . . like over a year. Sorry, just been busy. Had a part-time job that ended up being practically full-time, and it was a wet summer, so no gardening, no photos, nothing. Once I quit the job, the pandemic was upon us. So we stayed home. BUT, I did get out in our backyard . . . to feed the mosquitoes and got these photos:


I’ve never really done sunset pictures before . . . so I learned a lot from this experiment whilst being a mosquito smorgasbord . . . the first thing was that I went out WAY too early! An hour before sunset was not really necessary, although I did get some interesting cloud pictures. Half an hour before sunset was when things started to get interesting.


This one was taken about 30 minutes before sunset – in all I took 146 photos in an hour! I also made use of the live function on my camera – which was handy because I stopped getting sunspots from looking through the viewfinder at the sun all the time.

In addition to sunsets, there’s been a whole of Graduation and Prom photos filling up my SD cards. It’s that time of year, and our second child is finishing high school this year. Not the Grad we expected, for sure, but the high school has done a fabulous job of putting together an event for the kids. Maybe some of those photos next time.

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365 Project – The Peace – Day 3

So cold out today . . . -22C, but feels like -30C . . . bit chilly to go out and take photos, especially since it’s the first time this winter that it’s actually been this cold. Must be January.

However, I did manage to capture a small piece of the Peace region today as the sun was just about to disappear for the day.

day 3Day 3, complete!