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Beyond the Flowers . . .

I’d like to speak to the manager, please. I swear that’s what this little guy/gal is saying every time I go out to my greenhouse. Every day, she feels the need to chastize me vigourously. At full volume. However, she seems to have no objection to me stalking her journey through the trees to take her picture, for 30 minutes.

Much like this guy below, who I have named Gordo. Every morning and evening, he drags his fat little self out of his home – or maybe his wife sends him out – to munch on the grass 6 feet from our house. The dogs think he’s a great thing to chase, but unfortunately when he’s that close to the house, the nearest protection is my husband’s pickup. It’s not at all cool to have a groundhog hiding in your pickup, running back and forth on the drivetrain where you can’t get him. We end up chasing him back to his house, brandishing ski-poles – he’s a little vicious and will turn around and fight sometimes.

Just a couple of things in my world, beyond the flowers. Thanks for visiting!! Have a great week!

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Spring has (finally) Sprung!

Yes, I know spring actually arrived in March, but here in the North, it takes a while to start looking like spring. I got my snow tires off on April 19, but on April 26 and 27 we had a rather large dump of snow. With the added fun of icy roads . . . so my spring bulbs were staying put under ground. This past week, the ground had clearly warmed enough for them to finally appear . . . Voila! Here they are! And now to wait until almost the end of May to plant my veggie garden, although I do have plants started, which will live in the greenhouse until the outdoors is more hospitable.

Thanks for visiting!!

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Almost Friendly Neighbour

This young moose was hanging out in the backyard the other morning. Just munching away on the trees – not my apple trees this time, thank God – but, my son and I noticed that whenever we did something, like talked or moved a chair, she’d stand stock still, twitching her ears.

Apparently, even though it was cold and thus all the windows (triple-glazed) and doors were shut tight, the moose could hear everything going on inside the house. She didn’t care that we were looking at her, she didn’t like the sounds.

So, I quietly ran for my camera and 300mm lens, and managed to get this one good shot, before the sound of the fridge door closing scared her off! And she didn’t just mosey off through the trees either. She took off at mach chicken!!

Silly moose!

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Lovely Lichen

I swear, this particular type of lichen looks like it should be growing in the ocean! But it’s not. This is just one of the interesting growths to be found on our 25-year-old corral fence.

One could go out every day and find something new growing somewhere on the farm . . . the other day, I found a nest (if that’s the right word) of moths in our backyard. There were tons of them in one particular patch of plants in the bushline around our yard. Kind of explains why we’ve been getting so many congregating on the house at night when the outside lights are on!

Thanks, as usual for stopping by – I might just go out and try to capture some of those moths – they’re just sitting there, napping in the sun on the house.

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Indian Summer in the Peace

I went out for a walk yesterday – looking for chickadees to photograph. I walked for an hour around the farm and eventually found the chickadees, 400m from my house! But in the meantime, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of home. Even if I hadn’t taken any pictures, it would’ve been fine, it was such a beautiful day. It was 22C, whereas a year ago, there was snow on the ground.

There were a few things worth photographing – which should appear here sometime in the future – I’m quite pleased with how some turned out. But I’m also pleased with how one of my rare dips into landscape photography turned out. I hope you are too.