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Summer’s Death Throes

Pentax K5ii 100mm f/2.8 1/100 ISO 400

The death throes of summer make for great art! Even though I don’t want summer to be over . . . I’m really not looking forward to our typical winter weather of -30-something Celcius . . . it is affording me more artistic opportunities.

I shot this in my studio, using hand-painted backgrounds (last winter’s project). In the background, there is a petal-less sunflower . . . those are it’s petals in the foreground. They fell off when I took it out of the vase. The clouds kept interfering with my diffuse natural light, so I used a $20 “trouble” light from Canadian Tire with a 60w daylight bulb. It does an awesome job of simulating sunshine, I think.

After a few adjustments in Lighroom, I ran it through Photoshop to add the texture – which is from 2 Lil Owls. And Presto! Fall Art.

Cropped version, cropping done in-camera

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Art · black & white · flowers · Macro · monochrome · still life · Textures

Postively Perfect

For all those needing a little extra positivity in life, here’s a postively beautiful sunflower – not a traditional one, but then, these are not traditional or normal times. Hope this makes you smile! Thanks for visiting.

“We must try not to sink beneath our anguish . . . but battle on.” – Albus Dumbledore

Art · black & white · flowers · Macro · monochrome · still life

Still Life Sunflowers

I cannot get enough of these sunflowers!! I’ve gone back to them several times . . . over 200 pictures of them now, because I love them so much!! Of course, there’s not 200 keepers, but they’re still gorgeous flowers.

Last weekend I got some Gladiolas from the Farmer’s Market . . . grown by Hill Far Away Flower Farm. They have the best flowers, but unfortunately since it’s getting into fall, I think they’re going to be done soon. So, there will be Glad photos coming, along with whatever I can get at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.

Art · black & white · flowers · Macro · monochrome · nature · still life

Flowers for Freedom, Part II

The injection certificate kicks in today . . . supposedly. Although right now, it’s just a press release still, no actual “order” in writing, so I have no idea how they think they can enforce it . . . but, in the meantime, my Flowers for Freedom are still going. Alive and well 12 days after I got them.

Okay, they’re a bit droopy and some have expired, but I shot this sunflower yesterday, so there’s a few still going.

Thanks for visiting – peace and harmony to all and I do hope you enjoy the little bit of beauty my flower photos inject into the internet.