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Last of the Tulips ~ Curly Sue

These Curly Sue tulips finally bloomed a couple of weeks ago . . . of the original two dozen, I’m down to four lonely tulips, so I guess I’ll be planting more this fall. With the wicked heat wave we’re having at the moment, it’s far too hot to go out and shoot fresh pictures of things in the garden. Although, I might cut some lilacs to bring inside, and photograph them – I have three different varieties.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting! Hope you’re enjoying the start of summer – or winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!!

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Monotone Garden – CBWC Flowers

Cee’s Black & White Challenge for this week, is rather serendipitous . . . not only do I love taking photos of flowers, but black & white seems to be my thing. Plus, we have a heat wave going on this weekend, so the best place to be is in the basement, editing photos. Or setting up something in the studio, but I’ve taken so many pictures in the past few weeks, that I have plenty to keep me busy.

The top photo is a French Lilac in my front yard – the butterfly is the first one I’ve ever captured. Below is one of the many, many Bearded Irises growing along where my husband’s grandparents home used to be. Grandma planted these things well over 50 years ago, in a garden she had along the driveway. And they’re still going!!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my Black and White Flowers! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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The Book of Narcissus

Double the Daffodils, double the fun, right? That’s what seems to happen in my garden every year . . . I get less tulips and crocuses, but the double daffodils, well, they double on a perennial basis. It’s like I have daffodil bushes now. Which is great, because I love daffodils.

I picked a dozen of these the other day to shoot them in my little studio – it’s been far to windy lately to try it outside. An hour and a half later, and I had 140 pictures, and the studio was filled with the scent of daffodils! Could’ve pulled up a chair and just hung out in there . . . except that my studio is actually in the laundry room!! I know it’s weird, but it has a great window, and space to set up and store my backgrounds. Plus, it’s largely waterproof, in case I decide to be adventurous someday.

Hope you like my double daffodil – thanks for visiting!!

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The Last of the Bouquet . . .

The Mother’s Day bouquet had more than just Gerbera Daisies in it . . . there were these things – I think they’re Asters – plus ferns. So while I’m waiting for the 57 of 140 daffodil pictures to dry – in my virutal darkroom – I thought I’d share these lovelies with you.

Like the yellow of the Gerbera, the purple of the Asters translated very well into monochrome, and although I made it a bit dark, the texture of the fern is quite pleasing too. Just for fun, and reference, here’s the same shot in colour:

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed all the parts of my Mother’s Day Bouquet! Have a great weekend.

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Delectable Daisies

Couldn’t resist . . . I just had to do one more photo of the Gerbera Daisies. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, really, but I will try to control myself and switch flowers for my next post. I have a plethora of daffodils in my front garden, so I’ll likely be featuring them next!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy these daisies as much as I do!