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Solo Sunflower ~ FOTD

Our youngest daughter wanted to get in on the act – with a bouquet of flowers from Hill Far Away Flower Farm in her room. I wasn’t supposed to touch them, or take the bouquet apart to photograph the flowers . . . but as you can see, I couldn’t help myself. And, when she saw the results, the kid didn’t mind!

Phew!! Bullet dodged. No teenage angst over my invading her room and taking her “stuff”. Of course, it helped that she didn’t know I’d done this until 5 days later!

Anyhow, this is my entry for Cee’s Flower of the Day. Thanks for visiting!! Oh, and if you’re in Canada – GET OUT AND VOTE today!! If you haven’t already.

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CFFC: Orange . . . Begonias & Bees

I took this photo a week ago – at the height of our wicked heat wave . . . Saw this bee trying to take a nap in the slight shade provided by my begonias, and I couldn’t resist – despite the fact that the bright orange (see what I did there?!) sun was beating down, causing the temperature in the shade to be 35+C. I think that’s almost 100F for you Americans.

This is my entry this week to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – this is the most orange photo I’ve ever taken!

Thanks for visiting!

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CBWC – Trees or Tree Parts

Here is my entry to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge. The theme this week is trees or tree parts. I took these first two last fall, during one of our super-fun periods of restrictions, when there wasn’t a whole lot to do, except walk around in the backyard and take photos. Luckily, our backyard is actually a farm.

This last picture is from a camping trip we took to the Okanagan-Shuswap in 2014. I absolutely love the Birch bark, and how it just curls off the trees. When I was a little girl and we lived in Ottawa, I remember peeling this stuff off the trees and attempting to write on it, because we’d learned something at school about the First Nations and how they used the natural materials around them for a variety of purposes. The idea of writing on Birch bark captured my 9-year-old imagination.

Thanks for visiting!! Have a great weekend!

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Monotone Garden – CBWC Flowers

Cee’s Black & White Challenge for this week, is rather serendipitous . . . not only do I love taking photos of flowers, but black & white seems to be my thing. Plus, we have a heat wave going on this weekend, so the best place to be is in the basement, editing photos. Or setting up something in the studio, but I’ve taken so many pictures in the past few weeks, that I have plenty to keep me busy.

The top photo is a French Lilac in my front yard – the butterfly is the first one I’ve ever captured. Below is one of the many, many Bearded Irises growing along where my husband’s grandparents home used to be. Grandma planted these things well over 50 years ago, in a garden she had along the driveway. And they’re still going!!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my Black and White Flowers! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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Wildlife Wednesday

Karen came to the house today . . . apparently the bird feeder – or squirrel feeder since the birds aren’t really interested at the moment – is empty. She actually climbed up into my hanging planters, briefly. Perhaps she thinks hanging things contain food? But she’s going to have to wait until it stops raining. Then I’ll fill up the feeder.

This is also my entry for this week in Cee’s CFFC: Nature Animals – Thanks for visiting!!