Photography as art, the vision in my mind, captured by the camera.



Fun with Food

This winter I’ve been having a bit of fun with food . . . not just cooking, baking and eating it, but taking photos of it too.

I started one warm day in January – a rarity in these parts, because January is not known as a warm month, at all. In fact, I’m sure the average temperature during that month is somewhere around -25C, it certainly feels at least that cold all the time. However, we had a couple of days that were so unseasonably warm, that we decided to get out the BBQ . . .  and the first bunch of photos in this gallery are the result. My husband even volunteered to be my food stylist, got some flame-action going on the burgers.

A more recent foray into the kitchen – which was not so much a photo experiment, but a culinary one . . . Easter is coming up, and I wanted to try my hand at piping the icing onto the cupcakes (I have an amazing recipe to try, which came from the Pizzazeria blog), which I had never done before.  According to the kids, it was a resounding success, both flavour-wise and visually. Certainly the cupcakes did not last long!