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Lovely Lone Peony

Pentax K5ii 100mm f/2.8 1/800 ISO 100

It took seven or eight years, but at long last, ONE of my four peony plants bloomed!!! And this is the ONLY bloom. So, of course, I had to photograph it for posterity.

I’ve heard that it takes 5-7 years for peonies to bloom, and a few of my friends are finally getting blooms on theirs too – we think the unusual amount of heat we’ve been having has had something to do with it – hopefully though, this means that next year we’ll have more . . . because they’re SO pretty!!! In both colour and monochrome. Which I will post later . . . after-all, I spent something like half an hour photographing this one flower, so I have lots of shots!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my peony as much as I do!!

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The Last of the Bouquet . . .

The Mother’s Day bouquet had more than just Gerbera Daisies in it . . . there were these things – I think they’re Asters – plus ferns. So while I’m waiting for the 57 of 140 daffodil pictures to dry – in my virutal darkroom – I thought I’d share these lovelies with you.

Like the yellow of the Gerbera, the purple of the Asters translated very well into monochrome, and although I made it a bit dark, the texture of the fern is quite pleasing too. Just for fun, and reference, here’s the same shot in colour:

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed all the parts of my Mother’s Day Bouquet! Have a great weekend.

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Tiptoe through the Tulips

I was thinking on Friday, after attempting to make some of my purple daisies into monochrome, that perhaps, just perhaps, flowers need to remain in colour. But then I shot these and started editing the gooders this evening.

Apparently black & white works for tulips. Especially white ones!

I shot these out of the studio – in my former flower-photographing zone, a patch of bright sunlight in the dining room. My knees and my back still don’t love it. They would rather me remain upright, instead of grovelling on the floor LOL. But, I love how the light shines through the petals, making them transluscent.

I’m pretty well pleased with this effort . . . and there’s more to come! I have a bunch more photos from this session, plus another bunch of tulips (different colour) to play with in the studio. Good way to spend Easter, while waiting for the snow to melt some more.

Thanks for reading!

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Pretty in Pink

Here’s another flower from the bouquet I shot for my last post. I just love how vibrant the colour is (no, I didn’t goose up the saturation in Photoshop!), and with the sun shining on it, you wouldn’t think this is something photographed in November, during a Canadian winter!

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Pretending it’s not Winter

It’s December and I’m in denial. Okay, it’s been above zero celcius for days now, so it’s probably alright to imagine that it’s not winter out there, but there is snow on the ground. Although not for much longer if this keeps up.

The kids are talking about how neat it would be to have a green Christmas. Green Christmas in northeastern British Columbia means brown and dead everything. LOL I’d rather have a few feet of snow. To cover up the dead stuff.

So, my compromise between “green” Christmas and my denial is a bouquet, with lilies, daisies and some weird green things. Sitting on the floor of my kitchen in a patch of sunshine to get this shot was not good for my back, but the result is worth it.