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Lovely Lone Peony

Pentax K5ii 100mm f/2.8 1/800 ISO 100

It took seven or eight years, but at long last, ONE of my four peony plants bloomed!!! And this is the ONLY bloom. So, of course, I had to photograph it for posterity.

I’ve heard that it takes 5-7 years for peonies to bloom, and a few of my friends are finally getting blooms on theirs too – we think the unusual amount of heat we’ve been having has had something to do with it – hopefully though, this means that next year we’ll have more . . . because they’re SO pretty!!! In both colour and monochrome. Which I will post later . . . after-all, I spent something like half an hour photographing this one flower, so I have lots of shots!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my peony as much as I do!!

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