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Monotone Garden – CBWC Flowers

Cee’s Black & White Challenge for this week, is rather serendipitous . . . not only do I love taking photos of flowers, but black & white seems to be my thing. Plus, we have a heat wave going on this weekend, so the best place to be is in the basement, editing photos. Or setting up something in the studio, but I’ve taken so many pictures in the past few weeks, that I have plenty to keep me busy.

The top photo is a French Lilac in my front yard – the butterfly is the first one I’ve ever captured. Below is one of the many, many Bearded Irises growing along where my husband’s grandparents home used to be. Grandma planted these things well over 50 years ago, in a garden she had along the driveway. And they’re still going!!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my Black and White Flowers! Have a fabulous weekend!!

6 thoughts on “Monotone Garden – CBWC Flowers

    1. Thanks!! I’m pretty pleased with it – definitely not a still life . . . just me and my 100-300mm lens tracking the butterfly, and getting sunburned. LOL

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