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Mother’s Day Bouquet

For Mother’s Day, the kids went to a local flower shop (The Flower Hut), at their Dad’s request, to get a bouquet for me. Our son got a little carried away with the daisy-type flowers, but he gave me a LOT of photo opportunities!! And I absolutely love how some of these turned out! The bouquet was so big, that I had to divide it in half and put it two vases my hearth . . . double the photo ops!

So, I had a lot of fun with this Gerbera Daisy – yellow translates so well into black & white. Not sure why this one was drooping like it is, but I actually like it’s imperfections a lot better than the more symetrical, more perfect ones. Fortunately, his other side is practially perfect, and thus makes a stunning subject.

Hope you enjoy my bouquet – I have a lot more pictures, so there may be more coming. As always, thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend!

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