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Into the Marketplace we go!

I know, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted – I’d like to say I’ve been busy taking pictures, and although I have, it’s just life in general that’s prevented me from posting.

However, today, I have news. This weekend, I will have a table at The Hub Market in Fort St. John, BC on Saturday, Nov 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a selection of prints for sale. Printed on fine art paper (Moab, if anyone is interested) and mounted in mats I got from I’ve spent the last three weeks sorting and editing my pictures – you know how it goes, you take 10 or so pictures to get “the one” that is perfect. So there was a lot to sort through.


I took this picture this summer – the number of bees hanging out in my garden was incredible, and they didn’t even care that I was there, in their faces with my macro lens. They just kept on doing their thing. This is one of the prints I will have at The Hub on Saturday.

It’s kind of exciting to be going to a market for the first time. But also a bit scary. What if no-one buys anything? Although, my oldest daughter says she hopes I don’t sell her favourite prints, because apparently she wants to keep them. I could print one up for her, if she’s really that keen. I might even let her have it for free. But only if she makes a new pot of coffee first.