Photography as art, the vision in my mind, captured by the camera.

Slipping into Spring at Last

Yesterday, I went out to the Fish Creek Community Forest, determined to get a picture (or two) of the now flowing, Fish Creek, while there was still some snow around it. I had an idea of what I wanted to find and create – you can see the creek from the road, so I knew the potential for success was high.

So I packed up my camera backpack, and set forth. Good thing I had boots on. The Silviculture Trail, which leads down to the creek, was still full of snow and a tad slippery in spots. However, I managed to make it down the hill without mishap. It was close a couple of times, but I was nothing if not determined to get that shot.

When I reached the bottom, I was lucky enough to find that many of our local dog walkers had allowed their pets to go out to the creek, so there were frozen doggie trails to walk on. This was a very good thing, as the snow is still 2-3 feet deep in places. I got a number of shots, from different spots on the bank and various angles, before I decided that was good for now – I will go back when things are turning green and try some different shots.

It’s so peaceful down there, on the banks of Fish Creek, even though the road is a few hundred metres away. Serene, even when the snow is 3 feet deep.

I followed the trail, back up the hill, choosing to complete the circuit, rather than go back the way I came. After-all, I did have more potential locations to scope out.

And then I got to an icy spot.

I was more than halfway back to the top, so I went off-trail a bit and navigated my way around the icy bit, thinking to myself that it was a good thing I didn’t go down this way – the only way down would be on my butt.

A few metres further on, I hit the mother-of-all icy spots. Within sight of the top. Less than 100 metres to the top, and I was stuck. Couldn’t go back down, except on my backside. I tried to carefully walk up the “less” slippery spots, only to find my feet flying out from under me, in slow-motion, and the next thing I knew I was sliding towards the edge of a very steep hill.

Thank God for trees.

Using the tree that halted my momentum, I got up and took stock of my options. I could try to go back over that small icy patch, and walk all the way back the way I came, or I could figure out how to get to the top. My soaking wet, mud-covered backside made the decision very easy. I wasn’t walking around like that for any longer than I had to.

Off-trail was the only way to go. Again, thank God for trees. There were a number of fallen trees on the hillside, and by carefully walking above them, they could act as brakes in case I slipped again, not to mention, the upright ones made excellent hand-holds.

Made it back to my truck in one piece, no more falls, and luckily, did not come across anyone else out for a morning stroll!

I’d better have an absolutely fantastic shot, I thought as I drove my soggy butt home.

I’ll let you be the judge. Here’s one of the pictures I took yesterday.



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