Photography as art, the vision in my mind, captured by the camera.


Man Art

It’s been a couple of days since my last post . . . things haven’t been hugely busy around here, just enjoying the sun and listening to the snow melt, as it seems that spring may have actually arrived in the BC North Peace.

I was looking through my Lightroom catalogue, for images to upload to my new website over on Photo Shelter (, and I rediscovered some I shot last year, which I like to call “man art”. Why Man Art? Not because they’re photos of men or anything – in fact, no humans were involved at all. Other than myself. I dubbed it Man Art, because they’re shots of masculine things I found around the farm, which just might appeal to men. Something artsy, but manly, to hang in a man-cave, for example.

What could be more manly than coveralls, axes, and farm equipment? Okay, beer, sports, hunting and BBQs – but I like to think outside the box, so to speak.

The Disc

Macro farm equip – do you know what this is?


So there it is . . .  Man Art. I hope you like it! 😉


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