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Man Art

It’s been a couple of days since my last post . . . things haven’t been hugely busy around here, just enjoying the sun and listening to the snow melt, as it seems that spring may have actually arrived in the BC North Peace.

I was looking through my Lightroom catalogue, for images to upload to my new website over on Photo Shelter (, and I rediscovered some I shot last year, which I like to call “man art”. Why Man Art? Not because they’re photos of men or anything – in fact, no humans were involved at all. Other than myself. I dubbed it Man Art, because they’re shots of masculine things I found around the farm, which just might appeal to men. Something artsy, but manly, to hang in a man-cave, for example.

What could be more manly than coveralls, axes, and farm equipment? Okay, beer, sports, hunting and BBQs – but I like to think outside the box, so to speak.

The Disc

Macro farm equip – do you know what this is?


So there it is . . .  Man Art. I hope you like it! 😉


A Work in Progress

For those of you who have been following my blog for the whole 3 days that it’s been up, my apologies for the constant theme changes. WordPress has so many themes available, it was a bit of an ordeal to choose the one that is truly right for me. But I think, at last, I have found it, and theme-wise, there shouldn’t be any more changes in the near future. Although I might change my header image from time to time, as I take some more cool shots that I feel speaks to who I am as a photographer. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my work. 😉


Fun with Food

This winter I’ve been having a bit of fun with food . . . not just cooking, baking and eating it, but taking photos of it too.

I started one warm day in January – a rarity in these parts, because January is not known as a warm month, at all. In fact, I’m sure the average temperature during that month is somewhere around -25C, it certainly feels at least that cold all the time. However, we had a couple of days that were so unseasonably warm, that we decided to get out the BBQ . . .  and the first bunch of photos in this gallery are the result. My husband even volunteered to be my food stylist, got some flame-action going on the burgers.

A more recent foray into the kitchen – which was not so much a photo experiment, but a culinary one . . . Easter is coming up, and I wanted to try my hand at piping the icing onto the cupcakes (I have an amazing recipe to try, which came from the Pizzazeria blog), which I had never done before.  According to the kids, it was a resounding success, both flavour-wise and visually. Certainly the cupcakes did not last long!


High On Ice Festival

Fort St. John held it’s annual High On Ice Festival on February 8-10th, 2013 . . . this year, a warm weekend, which saw many of the sculptures melting drastically before the weekend was out. I stopped by early Saturday afternoon, before they melted too much.

Welcome to My New Photoblog

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Those of you who are familiar with my other blog, over on blogspot – will find that this one is vastly different. While I don’t dislike blogger, wordpress seems to be a little more photo-friendly. Either that, or I’m technically inept. Which is entirely possible.

Anyhow, this blog, is entirely devoted to my photography and me, as an artist.

That’s right, an artist. I am more than open to doing commercial work, and displaying/promoting it here, but my main focus at the moment is as an artist. I’ve spent the past decade taking pictures of the kids. And the dogs. Before that, I worked for local newspapers and regional magazines as a writer, photographer and editor. I loved the news, and some aspects of news photography, but now, in addition to recording our children’s lives, I want to focus more on the type and style of photography I love, that which inspired me to pick up a camera in the first place . . . Black & White Abstract Photography.

I have always loved the look of black & white photos . . . whether that is because I was born when black & white was still the norm, or because my Dad did his own developing, I don’t know. But I love the way black & white eliminates the distractions of colour, the way it brings out the textures, and the essence of the image. And the abstract part, well, since black & white is not “reality”, that’s the first “abstract” element to my photography. The second is the unique way I interpret what I see before me, and in the viewfinder. Take my header photo for example. I didn’t just take a picture of a rusty old truck – I had a vision in mind when I went out there, and I moved around, zoomed, changed the angles until I created the image I envisioned. It’s one of my favourite photos. Actually, I have many favourites.

Also, there is a certain amount of “photoshopping” in my photography. Lightrooming, actually. Again, my work is not meant to be a representation of reality, merely my interpretation of what I see.

I hope you will enjoy my work, as displayed here . . . and please respect it. It is my work, my vision, so don’t try to copy or steal my images. By all means, if you’re inspired by my work and it gives you ideas for your own photography, feel free to emulate it, but leave the images themselves alone. Thanks.